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BusinessCall SME

Communication Wholesaler in conjunction with Nashua introduces BusinessCall SME, this solution is ideally suited for small to medium enterprises to reduce  monthly telecommunication costs, which makes use of innovative voice over IP (VoIP) technologies to transmit voice calls over a broadband data connection.
BusinessCall SME also takes advantage of un-contended IP network to ensure that all calls, between a customers PBX and CW's Next Generation Network are of the highest quality.
The monthly cost savings are achieved by a combination of  CWs competitive outgoing call rates, and, rebates earned on all incoming calls to CW numbers
(i.e. CWs number range or by porting non-CW numbers to CW).
Solution Offering
Apart from a customer supplied PBX, the following will be provided:
A CW Number - a number from CW's number range or a non-CW number ported to CW.
A Gateway - connected to the PBX to trans-code calls between the PBX and the data connection.
An ADSL Connection

BusinessCall SME Services

Solution Costs and Terms
The base monthly cost (excluding call charges and rebates earned) will be R 999 (excluding VAT).
The solution will be installed subject to a 12-month contract.
A once-off installation fee of R 2,500 will be charged.
Technical Support
All ADSL lines will be proactively monitored and technical support is available through CWs 24/7/365 helpdesk.
Value Added Services and Products
CW provides additional value added services and products to compliment its basic voice offerings:
Virtual Boardroom - a free teleconferencing service where participants are liable for their own call costs.
Virtual Access - a product which achieves additional savings for owners of 0860 ShareCall numbers.
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