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The fax market in South Africa was known as sliding a piece of paper in a fax machine and sending it off toCommunication Wholesaler, fax, e-mail, faxes, Virtual another fax machine printing the fax on a piece of paper. A couple of years ago the fax industry was revolutionized by a product called fax to e-mail where-by a fax number (premium rated) is connected to an e-mail address. This allows the owner of this number to receive faxes directly into his/her e-mail inbox as an attachment.
The biggest problem with the fax to e-mail solution on a premium rated number is the cost to the sender of the fax to this fax to e-mail number. The additional cost was justified as fax to e-mail is a value added service. After conducting a comprehensive need analysis of the fax market two points clearly needed to be addressed:
1. Sending a fax at a lower cost
2. Providing a fax to e-mail service that is not as costly to the sender of  the fax
With the above results identified Virtual compiled a suite of services for the fax market that will cater for every need with one thing in mind: -
Features and Benefits:
All faxes are billed per second (this means that if the fax transmission time = 30 seconds you are billed for 30 seconds).
Virtual charges the lowest fax rates in the market today
You can archive all your faxes 123sent and received.
You will save up to 43% of your monthly fax bill
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