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Virtual Boardroom™

Communication Wholesaler's Virtual Boardroom™ is a fully managed, convenient teleconferencing service that facilitates corporate communication on our Next Generation Network.
Virtual Boardroom™ allows stakeholders to get together cost effectively and without having to follow onerous pre-booking procedures, commit to contractual obligations, pay monthly subscriptions or deploy complex and expensive infrastructure in their organisations. We have released two Virtual Boardroom™ services which gives people the option of utilizing the most appropriate service based on their requirements.
Call Charges
There are no once off charges or monthly service fees. All participants dialing-in and using this service will be billed individually by their service providers for their telephone call. Our subscribers will be charged R0.17/minute, charged per second.

Virtual Boardroom™ Features & Benefits

No installation, subscription or monthly rental fees.
No contractual obligations
No restrictions on the number of participants
Secure service with PIN registration and enrolment
Cost effective call charges
No costly infrastructure required
Simple to manage and operate
Ease-of-use or Feature rich options
Additional Features for Moderators
Lock the teleconference
Record the teleconference
Do a Head Count
Do a Roll Call
Mute a User
Kick a user off the teleconference
Receive information about the conference
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